Leather Drycleaning & Refurbishing Services

COIRO is a unique concept Leather Laundry Solution for your Luxury Leather Articles viz Jacket, Pants, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Sofa-set and CAR Interior Detailing in NCR (presently Gurgaon).

Since we understand our customers valuable time, inconvenience you’d otherwise incur and numerous visits for getting such services for your prized possession in an outlet, COIRO offers all these services under one roof with FREE DOORSTEP PICKUP, DELIVERY AND SERVICES inclusive of Delivery Charges.

We use quality consumables (Cleaning Agents) and strictly adhere to scientific process while delivering our services. Our standard Spa Service include (may vary for some articles) – Dirt Removal, Disinfect, Foam Clean, Deodorization Conditioning and Water Repellent applications.

Other Additional Specific Services offered are
– Stain Removal
– Mold/ Mildew Removal
– Color Revival
– Leather Jacket Zipper Replacement
– Leather Jacket Panel Replacement (Front/ Back/ Sleeve)
– Leather Jacket Recolor
– Leather Jacket Lining Replacement
– Leather Sofa-Set Cleaning
– Car Interior Detailing

COIRO’s Workshop Model solution eliminates otherwise exorbitant overhead costs (Which we do not Levy on You) and additionally we offer FREE PICK-UP, DELIVERY AND ON-SITE Services (for Sofa-Set & CAR Interior Detailing).

Our Basic service offering starts from INR 250/- upwards.

For more information on pricing and other details, simply log onto onto http://www.coiro.in without leaving the comfort of your home and book your Leather Article’s.


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